Love in Christ by Regina A. McKinney

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Love is a beautiful thing, Praise God! With Christ, we have a better way of life in love.

We are no longer two people trying to get our own way. In a Christian relationship, both partners are concerned with discovering and following God’s way. On the one hand, we have a reason for calling on the other person to change based on the will of God.

On the other hand, we have an obligation to be willing to change ourselves in accordance with the will of God. Although we could still disagree about what God wants at times, we have God’s standard of excellence ultimately and thus we have some basis for agreement other than who has the most power in the relationship.

Finally, in Christ we also have a basis for grace in our relationships, which means we can forgive negatives in our spouse, something we may also do in secular relationships if we judge it to be expedient, but in Christian relationships we can do it without any other reason but love.

The paradigm of Christian couples living under the authority of God includes benefits and sacrifices for both partners. Most of the sacrifices are in the area of ego and selfishness. The benefits are in the areas of closeness, the gratification of being used by God, and the joy of loving deeply……….Amen

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