In 1990 I began using the name Love Ministries on Bible tracts and other hand out items as a means of outreach and evangelism.  I was an associate minister in a Baptist church, and I was doing all sorts of evangelism as the Spirit of God moved me.  I was also a volunteer for Prison Fellowship Ministries and I did a lot of preaching in the prisons and for awhile as many as three sessions every week.  Well to make a long story short I asked my church for a stamp to place the name and address of the church on the tracts and different items I would be giving out.  They refused and told me I could make my own stamp and put my own name on it.

Well I was full of the love of God, and most of my preaching came from the Epistles of John and the various sections of the Bible relating to love.  I have a daughter named Love Ann Peace which was also one of the deciding factors in my making a decision to follow Christ. So asking God what I should call this outreach ministry the Spirit led me to Love Ministries.  I made a stamp and began to put it on the tracts and things I was handing out.  I was called into the Deacon board and told to cease  using the stamp on tracts as I could cause a division in the church.  Being young and naive I submitted to those who had authority over me and stopped using the stamp, but I remember putting the stamp on the first page of a very expensive Christian ministers manual and saying to God I will put this on hold until you show me its all right to bring this back.

Just the other day as the anointing and unction were on me I was lead to pick up the Ministers manual and dust it off as the Spirit was saying remember the first works, there is something from the beginning that needs to be brought forward and when I opened the page and saw Love Ministries stamped there, I knew.

As a fleece I said to God, “if this is meant to be we will be able to secure a top level domain name of Love Ministries” (loveministries.us) So here we are in the hopes that this website will be a non-denominational blessing to the body of Christ and those searching to know the Lord.  We hope to accept and publish articles from the saints, videos, art work, whatever and however the Holy Spirit has called you to express your love and service to the Master. Our hope is that this would be a place of love and encouragement and that God would receive the glory.

Presently we are involved in online ministries through hosting and maintaining The Prayer of the Day, Love Ministries, Biblehackers, Peace Ministries and on Facebook, the recently created FACEBOOK CHURCH.

If you would like to donate to this ministry effort a Paypal link is provided below.

In His Love and Service,

Danny Peace

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Matthew 10:8 (NIV)

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