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We are NOT to see the sin FIRST, but see HIM first in order to deal with the sin productively.
So many see the sin and the Savior is treated as if HE was not around or has not the power to overcome evil with good.

and hopefully it will bring hope out of despair.

Love and marriage Love and marriage….
Go together like a horse and carriage….

What I believe a marriage should be may not be what “you” deem a marriage to be!  I believe marriage is a covenant between “a man and a woman” to dwell together or to cohabit and to experience the closeness of fellowship till death . That is the ideal of a marriage.

When you take or receive a partner it is a through a “thoughtful” and knowledgeable decision to denounce all others and to have eyes only for the one that you have covenanted with.  It is a promise that is through thick and thin that both will working for the best of the other.  You cling to one another by “dispossessing” or leaving the single life and all that would seek to destroy what is to be found in that new guarded relationship.

You seek what is best for one another through careful communion with GOD being your Sustainer in and through all things.
This I speak for the natural man without GOD in his life and for the spiritual man WITH God in his or her life.

Today for the Believer, we are espoused to CHRIST. We are to dwell with HIM under HIS roof in fellowship and in communion with HIM .  We are to dispossess anything that would seek to come between and to keep our eyes on JESUS.  We are to leave all that is familiar to us and cling to HIM who is our life.  That is my belief and beliefs are to be lived out.  So by my life and by your LIFE STYLE we speak LOUD and clearly as to WHERE we really are .

Because of sin in me , this ideal did not work as I thought it would work because I was not adhering to all the understanding that I have now and my sin led into a divorce.( I was not a believer of JESUS at this time) I take my stand and “own” my own behavior that “I had missed the mark” on what marriage was and what marriage could be “IF” I would have played by the rules.  Being without God and an UNBELIEVER, I followed along in my own desires and in my own ways to have what I wanted and I got what I wanted. But what I got was NOT what I wanted at all.  No wisdom, and no counseling and no reason not to get married, I went ahead.   I will not go into it but the law finally had to put my husband out of the home due to emotional,mental and physical abuse.

Out of that marriage came a lot of heart ache plus in that marriage, but I had come to know the LORD.  Through much I had (for the sake of the children)to loose my husband to his ways.  I had lost one of my sons as he commit-ed suicide at the age of 19 years of age.  I was in an emotional stupor to say the least and had fears that were arising to the surface of my heart.  Fears that needed to be addressed but before they could be addressed I was bomb-barred by a man who told me everything that I wanted to hear at that time …..and I believed him.  He was just as confused and in need and did not see because of his own needs, that I was in need of help and not in need of another man.

To my own confession I stand amazed at what a “needy person” will do and what a needy person will draw to themselves when something “seemingly good”something is dangled before you and you bite just as Eve did.  Needy draws NEEDY !  Emotionally drained, and worn down with all that had happened, I chose to believe a man over the LORD and bit into another marriage without a real thought of what might be before me .  Another abusive relationship came but this time I sought to cover it over. I was plagued and embarrassed with my own decision coming home to roost.  I did not want it to be known that I again had slipped into a dark hole and was snared deeply by my own need to survive and to have someone at my side.

The abuse came to a place where again , I had to cry unto the LORD and had to find out what was wrong with me that I would allow myself to enter another relationship after coming out of one that just about did me in.  Hard lessons to learn in ones life when we come out from sin we are out, but the sin within must be dealt with daily by making choices unto righteousness.  I am only sharing this because I feel it is now time with so many that are snared into thinking that there is no possibility to be married after one has experienced so much sin in ones life that it ended in divorce.  I am sinner saved by grace.
I have committed adultery by marrying again for the second time while my first unbelieving husband remains.  When my second marriage went down I vowed to find out what MY problem was and with GOD’S help, I would be a survivor to let others KNOW that GOD FORGIVES and GOD is the GOD of second chances and yes even third.  I spent seven years alone from the time my second marriage was dissolved.  I found out much about me and how I was and had not taken responsibility for my own actions.  I so needed someone to help me on this and through a Christian lady who assisted me through bitter hard times… I came through it but NOT without a lot of pain of going back into my childhood times.

I found out much and was content to be alone and found out that I was COMPLETE IN CHRIST.  I did not HAVE to have anyone to make me whole.  I was whole IN HIM.  We have so much HEAD knowledge and little heart knowledge and I believe that is why we do not have as much compassion on one another as we should.

THEN Jesus came……………..Then I had dropped in me a little seed of hope that I truly believe was dropped in me from heaven.  My heart’s desire started as a little tiny seed to have a companion…… but no marriage ;just a friend to relate to and share HIS goodness with them.  I was very afraid indeed to step into the ring of fire again because I had been so burnt by burning men with burning desires.  To make it short, I will now have been married for the third time and happily….GOD WAS AND IS in this one by HIS DOING.

Yes, I had broken every commandment that GOD gave us all for our GOOD.  I was a LAW BREAKER: a condemned sinner but GOD forgave me and continues to forgive me when I wrong HIM or others.  I am NOT married to the law of trying to keep the commandments for eternal life but I am married now to the LAW GIVER who literally before HIS Father kept the Law for me.  He has by HIS mercy granted to me a beautiful husband who loves me unconditionally.

For those struggling concerning any matter that I have put forth, do your part to make your marriage work: I did as you too must do. Work every door
that is there before you before divorce papers come across your path.

Give it to over to HIM in order that HE will be honored and know that there is life after divorce.

I was loosed and I loosed them in order that IF they chose to be married , they could.  That is why the bill of divorcement is granted.  If they marry or if I marry we have NOT sinned the UNFORGIVABLE sin.

Remember, sometimes it is NOT the death of the spouse but the death of a marriage.

Humbled before all of my true friends.

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